Flag Project

The first project for HTP was lining the streets with over 100 American flags. HTP and community members put these flags up and down each flag holiday. It is quite the site to see.


Cemetary Project

HTP's second large project was for the Cemetary. New signage and landscaping brought beauty and needed upgrades.


Community Garden

The HTP added a free to all garden to our community. The garden is now located on division street with 14 raised beds, including many fruit trees and a nature playscape for kids. Each year the elementary students come to plant and care for the garden. They work really hard for us. The garden is a beautiful addition to Morning Sun and we are so proud to see this project grow each year.


Safe Sidewalks for our School Project

In 2019 and 2020, the HTP completed over $40,000 of sidewalks on the division street's south side. Starting at our school park and going all the way to the downtown.


Splash pad and new ADA Accessible Park Project

Our current and most significant project is the new splash pad and playground project. We have raised over $35,000 with a goal of $200,000 before grant writing begins. Your donation is very much appreciated.